Call for Line Dancers and Freestylers

Calling All Dancers

Are you the kind of lady who dances to the radio and heads straight for the dance floor when the right tune comes on?
If the answer to the above is ‘Yes’

Would you like to strut your stuff on a wider stage?
Here’s a chance to join in while sticking with social distancing.
Sounds contradictory? Please read on.

Are you interested? Then here’s what to do

Step 1: Watch the short clip of the band performing the song, with images from some dancing clips already sent in.
Step 2: If you like what you see and want to join in, send an email to . We will send you back a passcode to use for accessing and downloading the backing track.
Step 3: Please enter the code into the field marked ‘Download Track’ to complete download of the backing track. The beat is regular throughout at tempo 126 - often used in line dancing.
Step 4: Record your dance when you’re ready.
Step 5: Send us your recording.

The Song

A group of Sussex based musicians recently recorded a song called “Dancing Blind’, inspired by a friend who went blind but managed to take up line dancing.
Sounds barely credible?
Listen out for the complete song, which will be released once we finish making the video.

Up and Away

The easiest way to send your video is by mobile/cell phone using WhatsApp, which is free to use.
Send to 07706 089923 or +44 7706 089923 if sending from outside the UK.
Files can be sent via apps like WeTransfer, which are also free.
Send to
If your file is small you can send it as an email attachment to

The Video

We already have individual shots of the musicians and some dancers who performed in line with lock down rules.
Now we need Ladies of the dance floor like you, who can capture their dance on their own phone, to help make the big picture.
Our aim is to stitch the individual clips together to create a tapestry of ever-changing images as a backdrop and mood creator in the video.

Our promise to you

Every participant who sends in a clip will be credited individually by name in the cast of dancers, unless you prefer not to be named.
All material received will be treated with respect and only ever be used for the purpose of a backdrop of individual images in the video. Outstanding visual imagery will be highlighted in the tapestry of images.
We look forward to hearing from you,
Bill Third

A little bit about the song

‘Dancing Blind’ is an expression of sorrow, because it tells of a friend losing her sight. But it’s also about hope, resolution and the deep fulfilment of somehow winning through even just for a little while. Celebrate the moment.
We express that sorrow and joy in the song with the playing of acoustic rhythm guitar, bottleneck on electric guitars, bass guitar, dobro, accordion and added percussion..

Making a video to go with the song

We would like to capture the convivial and relaxed pleasure of dancing, line dancing, moving your body and soul to the music in relaxed good company. Which helped this lady to heal and cope with her blindness, by finding confidence and morale boosting happiness in a small space, for a little while. Celebrate the moment.
It’s very hard to capture that essence in our video with social distancing.
So we have been asking family and friends to oblige by having a video made on their mobile phones while dancing to ‘Dancing Blind’. This could be done by a housemate they are in lockdown with, or by using a stand. However we are running out of likely candidates here and would like to widen our research via this ‘Call for Line Dancers and Freestylers’, via our website

What you can do

If you like Line Dancing or just like dancing freestyle, will you be so kind as to strut your stuff and send us your video, so that we can go on and finish our video?
You don’t have to be a polished line dancer to participate, just have fun doing your own favourite steps in the style of your choice, you don’t have to stick to line dancing clothes, wear whatever you like flamboyant or folksy it will all be welcome. Line Dancing veterans, snappy dressers, wild dancers, extravagant costumes are all highly welcome too. Stand out in your own style.
Our aim is to do a mash up of all the individual clips, crosscut and arranged as a visual backdrop. The more clips we have to work with and the more diverse they are the better, as we can do faster cuts to make for a rich tableau of movement and colour. Some of the individual clips will be pulled out and highlighted from time to time. With images of the musicians performing the song in the foreground, but in separate locales.

Points for participation

We have devised a procedure to enable you to participate easily via this secure website as described on the page above.
All clips will be numbered and the names of all participants will be displayed and listed at the end of the video of ‘Dancing Blind’. As a small thank you for your enthusiastic response to our ‘Call For Dancers’ enabling us to complete this video.
If you do not want to be included in the credits list, please let us know when you send your clip.

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